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Dealing with a young adult daughter going on adult online dating sites

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Buying Medications

The thing that is first have to do is designate an NPC (non playable character) the medication Dealer trait. This is the way you do that;

  1. Click any Sim access the Drugs Menu.
  2. Head to Settings Assign NPC’s Assign Drug Dealer
  3. Select which Sims you intend to set as NPC Drug Dealers

Observe that you can’t offer medications from those Sims, buy drugs from just them.

To start out drugs that are buying the medication dealer you merely made you ought to befriend him/her. The greater relationship degree the better prices you’ll get and also the more buying choices, along with high quality medications, you will gain access to.

You may buy some larger packages of medications straight from purchase Mode. Head to purchase Mode, look for “Cocaine”, “Speed“MDMA” or”.

Note: If for example the Sim is hooked on a substance they might trade intercourse for the medication they’re dependent on. This involves WickedWhims to your workplace. Whenever your addicted Sim is active, simply simply simply click on your own medication dealer, go right to the “Drugs” pie menu and sub that is“Desperate, choose “Exchange Intercourse for Drug”. Once you have done that, you must do the deed manually WickedWhims design. If the deed is performed, click your medication dealer once more, return to the “Desperate” sub menu and select payment” that is“Receive.

Attempting To Sell Medications

To start out offering medications you will need a friendship that is quite high your NPC medication dealer we mentioned in “Buying Drugs”.

Whenever your relationship is sufficient you shall have the choice to “Inquire About Selling Drug”. You may need your medication dealers blessing to start out peddling all four sellable drugs.