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Matching a Dating App along with its market pt.2

Matching a Dating App along with its market pt.2

2.2 Logo Transformation

Because the Ferris wheel ended up being a core metaphor within the product’s history, I made the decision it was essential to make an effort to keep it to some degree. After checking out numerous logo solutions we wound up choosing to reshape the old logo design.

When you look at the last design associated with logo design mark, We utilized more curved and organic forms to really make it feel less business. also, we included a bad heart form in to the mark to really make it subtly suggest a “dating app.” In addition, an amber was added by me depth effect, which represents the meddlers that “has the dater’s straight straight back.”

In addition to the brand brand new logo mark, the first text mark had been carefully modified to really make it more harmonious also to make it fit aided by the brand new mark.